Handle with care. Itinerant social theater

Cultural Project financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute through CentenArt.

In May 2016, Arte dell’Anima Association received financing from the Romanian Cultural Institute for the project Handle with care. Itinerant social theatre. Arte dell’Anima supported the show “Bad kids”, by Mihaela Michailov, directed by Geanina Hergheligiu in Dublin, between 12-13 September 2016 at Axis Ballymun Dublin. A show with Ana-Maria Irimia, Raluca Jugănaru and Alin Potop.

The project is part of CentenArt program, at the Romanian Cultural Institute, between 2016-2018. Our social theater project included two representations, followed by discussions with the artistic team involved in the project and debates with theatrical specialist Ana Maria Nistor, on the theme of the educational purpose of theater and art. There was no fee required at the entrance.

The project Handle with care. Itinerant social theater had the following exploratory directions: tackling school violence, a theme relevant for both the Romanian public and the foreign one, the involvement of the public in post-show debates, challenging them to find solutions concerning violence in schools and in the home place, direct interaction of spectators with people who work in the field and are directly interested in the phenomenon, educating and informing about the rights and responsibilities of pupils and teachers, etc.

Objectives fulfilled 

people informed