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Personal development through acting classes

In a playful atmosphere, children learn from their teachers to express their emotions and feelings in an artistic way. The classes are a real pleasure for them and they are most wanted when the weekend comes. The children are always encouraged to express freely, to use their imagination, to create and to improvise.
Through the acting classes, their capacity to integrate raises signifiantly and they develop their team spirit. The place where the classes are held is intimate, nice and devoid of the pressure of a big stage. In the same time, the ending classes events are celebrated nicely, with hospitality.

Adriana Stoian

The heroes behind the curtain

Our Teachers

Teachers from Arte dell’Anima Theatre work with the small ones, but also teenagers, through countless games and theatrical exercises to help them better discover the world and themselves.

Theodora Popa


="`I chose theatre because I like to play!`Theodora Popa is a young actress. She graduated UNATC Bucharest in 2014 in Art of Acting and she got her Master Degree in Theatrical Teaching in 2016. She collaborated with schools from Bucharest and Theater Companies.
Her faithful attitude, her professionalism and the desire to develop children personalities, Theodora uses the theatrical game as a fun educational form of teaching, that all the children love.
The results of all this can clearly see at the end of each course, where Theodora puts up a special show, where she joins together theater moments with personal development games and improvisation.

''The 6 years of collaboration with the Arte dell’Anima Theatre, meant a challenge from which I also had to learn, not only the children. Their creativity and imagination is overflowing, full of pleasant / unpleasant surprises, whose gestures and words have no limits, they are children with too much energy or not at all, with problems of focus and shyness, but all these things did nothing but to make me come to their aid through this alternative form of theatrical education, but also with a lot of love. Children are a beautiful world. Let them come to the theater!''

Vlad Lință


He graduated of the Faculty of Theater, Acting Department, at the National University of Theater and Cinematography „I. L. Caragiale ”Bucharest (2018), as well as the master’s degree in Actor’s Art at U.N.A.T.C, Bucharest (2018-2020). He is a talented actor and accredited personal development advisor. He is currently an employee of the Constanța State Theater and of the Ion Creangă Theater in Bucharest. He also had numerous collaborations at the National Theater "I. L. Caragiale ”Bucharest, Act Theater, Little Theater, Metropolis Theater, Excelsior Theater, Elisabeta Theater and Arte dell’Anima Theater. Some of the shows you can see include: * ,, Story from our homeland ”, directed by Emanuel Pîrvu, show produced by the National Theater ,, I. L. Caragiale ”, Bucharest; * "She and only her", directed by Alexandru Mâzgăreanu, a show produced by the Act Theater; * "My wife is from Suvana", directed by Puiu Șerban, a show produced by the Elisabeta Theater; * „Story from our Homeland, directed by Emanuel Pârvu, hosted by Teatrul Mic; * "The Lame Billy", directed by Vlad Massaci, a show produced by the Constanța State Theater; * "Two young people from Verona", directed by Alexandru Mâzgăreanu, show produced by the Constanța State Theater, etc. He is an open, calm, cheerful, communicative, patient person and loves his acting job. These are the reasons why Vlad will hold a module on "Personal Development Courses through the Art of the Actor" for teenagers aged 14-18, who want to know more about the acting profession and, why not , to pursue this profession in the future.

Mara Oprea


Mara Oprea graduated UNATC, Directing Department. The undergraduate show, "Why Be Beautiful," after a play written by playwright Neil LaBute, talks about beauty and the role of technology in distorting our relationship with it. "It seems to me that there is a great rush around me to be beautiful, both inside and out, but without relying on real things, that is, it is a goal in itself, but it does not come with gathering experiences to - you fulfill it, but you want to be nice by paying something, buying something, taking, stealing something from someone, adopting a personality or some principles that, in fact, you don't have ", says the young director. She is a cheerful, talented and extremely hardworking person. Every encounter with her is a discovery of the self, of the challenges and opportunities of a text, a moment, a scene.
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The price of a two-hour session is 70 lei (Saturday). Payment for the module can be made in two equal installments:

525 lei until January 28, 2022, to be considered registered
525 lei until April 1, 2022.

* You can benefit from a 10% discount for full payment until January 28, 2022. Thus, the total cost of the module is 945 lei.

The price of a three-hour session is 100 lei (Sunday). Payment for the first module can be made in two equal installments:

750 lei until January 28, 2022, to be considered registered
750 lei until April 1, 2022

* You can benefit from a 10% discount for full payment until January 28, 2022. Thus, the total cost of the module is 1350 lei.

** Parents who have 2 or more children enrolled also benefit from the discount. (10% for each child, payable in installments)


What will we learn?



Attention games

Focus games

Sense of smell and taste development games

Expressing emotions

Society games

Body control

Creative workshops

Diction and respiration games

Music and dance ateliers


Control of impulse and speed of reaction

Creative classes

Games for relaxation

Games for imagination

Games for developing thinking flexibility


Self-confidence and group-confidence

Ability of thinking outside of the box

Diction and respiration games

Perspective development