Charity Concert

On December 20, some of the children from Valea Plopului came and carved.
An extraordinary charity concert, where with the help of all those present and the artists who performed on the stage of the Arte dell'Anima Theater we managed to collect together the sum of 1700 lei from donations and purchased tickets - money that was handed over to reach the Children from Valea Plopului before the holidays.

Many thanks to Alma Nicole Boiangiu, Andra Meda Topîrceanu, Andrei V Ciopec, Marius Oprea, Alina Rosca, Adriana Gheaus, Parlea Emil, Ana Maria Bercu, Adelaida Perjoiu, Marina Fluerasu!

"Father Nicolae founded in 1994, the association Pro Vita - For Life. The association founded by Father Nicolae receives these children in his care, for a time or definitely, but he also receives orphans or street children.

Mothers who leave their child here can take him home again, which sometimes happens after two or three years, when their social situation allows them to do so. The association keeps contact with mothers to help them raise their children. ”
We would like to thank you for all the support you have given to making a happy Christmas for these children as we all do!
Happy Holidays with your loved ones!

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