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The cultural project from Start ONG has come to an end!

In this project, 60 trainees were split into 4 groups (depending on their ages) and went through 4 sessions each. At the end, there was an open class, based on the exercises learnt during those 4 sessions, all in the Amfitheatre Hall at DGASPC Sector 1.
The classes were made at the residence of each chosen centre: Pinocchio Center, Sf. Stefan Centre and Sf. Iosif Centre, from sector 1 of Bucharest. The classes took place every Wednesday, between 13:00-15:00 and 16:00-18:00. At the end of the classes, in order to analyse the impact of the beneficiaries, they completed a three- question form about their perception of the classes. The answers were almost 100 per cent positive and, besides the multitude of games they learnt, the majority of responses were related to learning about conduct and respect for others. The show was filmed.
Theodora Popa and Vlad Lință, the trainers of this project, both with experience and studies in the field, have been actively involved in the personal development of institutionalised children. From games involving imagination, coordination, attention and concentration to teamwork, listening, diction and breathing, the trainees made their first steps to a harmonious development of their communication and socialising skills.

The project was developed and financed through Start ONG, launched by Kaufland Romania implemented by Act For Tomorrow Association. More details about the program can be found here.

We wanna thank The General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Support Sector 1 and CEO Dănuț Fleacă for his support in implementing this project and for the trust he put in us! We also wanna thank our media partners: România TV, Bookhub, Agerpres, Cronica Română, Iqool, Radio România Actualități, Radio Tananana, România Pozitivă, Radio România Cultural – Iclasă, 4Arte, Going Out, Hai la teatru, Agenția de Carte!


*Start ONG is a cultural project lauched by Kaufland România and implemented by  Act for Tomorrow Association. The domains in which you can apply are: Education, Health, Environment, Social and Culture. The total value of the project is €500.000. Start ONG is the most simple financing instrument for young ONGs and non-administrative institutions. 

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