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"Lettice and Lovage" is a tasty satirical comedy that tells, in a fine and nuanced humorous British style, the story of Lettice Douffet (a woman passionate about history, theater and Elizabethan cuisine), a tour guide to the Fustian Mansion, haunted mansion (in her opinion) meeting Charlotte (Lotte) Schoen, the apparently rigid representative of the Council of Historic Preservation and Protection of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

As in every workplace, Lettice decides to follow the "rule of the three I's", a rule inherited from her mother, imagining great deeds happening on the Great Stairs of the Mansion. Lotte dismisses her, but has the revelation of meeting a "spectacular" woman, who, weeks later, feels the need to look for. Lotte will share with her the fact that she inherited from her father (the owner of the Perseus Publishing House), the "eyes" for the beautiful, for the constructions with splendid architecture, which give identity.

The two spend more and more time together, resurrecting scenes from history and, inevitably, an accident occurs, leading to a public trial. Most intrigued by all the strange events that trigger the accident is lawyer Bardolph, a professional caught without his will in the imagination of actress Lettice Douffet.


Lettice Douffet – Crina Lință
Charlotte/ (Lotte) Schoen – Ioana Pavelescu
Grumpy Old Man/Framer/Jim Mackintosh/Mr. Bardolph – Silviu Biriș


Crina Lință


Arte dell’Anima Theater


Geanina Hergheligiu


Alina Mavru


Alex Bibere


1h 45’

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