“Theater for the Mind and Soul"

The project “Theater for the mind and soul” was sponsored by Bucharest City Hall and developed though the Center for Seniors Bucharest!

Arte dell’ Anima supports the improvement of senior citizens’ quality of life through various activities. The purpose is to increase both the quality of life and the physical and mental health of senior citizens.
Our classes are designed to be as appealing as possible and to make all participants feel the taste of art and theatre, in all its wholeness, and also to discover the beautiful journey into the theatre world. Our experienced proffesors create a confortable working environment, full of creation and liberty.

There were classes every Monday, between 10:30 and 12:30, from June until September 2019!
We await you to an incredible meeting with the fascinating world of theater and interpersonal communication.

Benefits of the project:

  • Diminishing anxiety and hostility through socializing;
  • Increasing the level of remembering and also increasing memory, therefore preventing Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Increasing the ability to concentrate, express and solve problems;
  • Increasing one’s self esteem and self respect and also increasing group trust;
  • Improving one’s state of mind through creativity and group belonging

The purpose of the project was to create strong social connections between seniors and increasing the feeling of well being.
This project is sponsored by Bucharest City Hall and developed though the Center for Seniors Bucharest.
We warmly welcome you!

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