Arte dell' Anima Theater

Poison Child

SYNOPSIS: It is Christmas Eve, 1992, in Bucharest, Romania. A little girl is getting ready to go with her Mom and her Stepfather to a party for an important government official.
What the little girl and her mother do not know is, that the Stepfather, in exchange for a color TV, is about to allow his Stepdaughter to be used to as a food and drink taster for the President of Romania. When her daughter is taken away by a strange man, known only as The Doctor, the distraught Mother will do anything to get her child back safely, even if it means killing the Stepfather.

Director: Mick Davis
Screenwriter: Mick Davis
Director of Photography: Bogdan Tălpeanu
Editor: Valentin Veselovski
Cast: Laura Vasiliu, Clara Ciobanu, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Lucian Ifrim, Cezar Antal, Cristian Grețcu
Production companies: Arte dell’Anima Association & Pink Stripe Group
Producers: Crina Lință, Dan Drăghicescu
Executive producer: Mick Davis
Associate producers: Nicoleta Ciobanu, Alexandru Nagy

Poison Child Short was projected during TIFF 2019.