About Us


The concept of Arte dell’Anima was born out of the desire to develop and promote artistic means that make it possible to discover, enrich and cultivate the human soul. Since ancient times people have sought to understand what mysteries are hidden within the being, from where the deepest and paradoxical feelings come and what are the possibilities that man has to discover himself and the world around him. Aristotle said in the book On the soul :” If we value science among the beautiful and respected occupations, either for its accuracy or because it is among the more chosen and admired concerns, then from both considerations, it is right to find the research about the soul among the most important. Its knowledge, moreover, seems to contribute greatly to the deepening of the truth in its entirety, but especially to the knowledge of nature, for the soul is somewhat the principle that surrounds living creatures. ”

The team that has embarked on this research of the human soul includes artists with different creative or managerial experiences. Employees of complementary arts, animated by the desire for success and firmly believing that only the product that’s born from true hard work can nurture and educate other souls. The art we want, be it theater, music or film, is a free expression of the artist’s soul that travels to the spectator’s soul.

We want our work to be a continuous research into the deepest and most complex artistic manifestations, discovering new ways, new directions, new people and new ideas.

In our meetings, spectators are invited to come in contact with the most exciting and unusual stage or cinematic montages in which consecrated or aspiring actors and directors perform plays and make films that talk about the metamorphoses  of the soul.

Theater and film help us educate ourselves as well as our children. Through games, imaginative development, group activities and spontaneity we come to to your aid  with courses designed to prepare children in mastering their emotions and preparing them for public speaking. For high school students who dream of applying to a theatre or film university, our teacher partners are here to prepare you for the admission exam, in order for it to be a successful one.

Our association also calls out to adults who work day by day at a sustained pace in companies or firms of high engagement. Because it is about personal development, we can offer courses in Public Speaking and emotional mastery wich focus on managerial work, or solving Dictionaries issues. At the same time, we also offer the opportunity to follow a complete training module to become actors or directors themselves and ultimately a chance to play in a unique show or to produce a movie, applauded by people all around the world .

Art Dell ‘Anima promotes theater, music, film and visual arts. Among other activities, we also organize music evenings, poetry evenings and painting exhibitions where we display works by young artists who want to be discovered by the general public.

We also started hosting a script contest that was created in order to help young and modern screenwriters make their vision a reality. ANIMA FILM

The ANIMA FILM Jury consists in: Cristian Tudor Popescu (Writer, Journalist and Film Critic), Laurențiu Damian (Director, Producer, President of UCIN), Crina Lință (Actress, Producer, President of Arte dell’Anima Association), Cristina Popa (Director, Producer, Assistant Production at Arte dell’ Anima Association).

We also encourage Romanian contemporary dramaturgy by organizing National Dramaturgy Contests, the prize representing the possibility of the respective play to mounted in our theater.

Arte dell’Anima, faithful to its creed, to give the art of the soul to other souls in need, organizes charity events in which funds raised from the generosity of our peers will go to people with special needs, foundations, associations and institutions that deal with delicate cases and need help. At the same time, making no distinction between ethnicities, races or religions, we are always partners in programs or projects that promote equality of chances, freedom of the individual, freedom of expression and – fight against discrimination.

Arte dell’Anima is a way to dicovering the soul, to bring freedom of spirit, to  help communication, respect, education, good mood, professionalism and seriousness in the artistic field. We promote artists and encourage them to follow and achieve their dreams!