harold Obadă 26 - corectat - 26 mai

Harold is a show brought in Romania for the first time by improVice troupe, created in the 70s by the American Del Close and then played thousands of times in the US and worldwide. The improvisers give life together to the show and free improvisation scenes are interwoven and make sense as they are built, increasing the suspense with every minute. The Improvisers’ monologues are taken from life, and the NINE short but thrilling scenes are keeping the audience breathless until the end.

Cast: Adrian Neculae, Costi Spiridon, Dianina Andrew George Dumitru, Laura Dinis Obadă Madalina Frăţilă, Ottavio Weiscovici, Andrei Negoiţă

Come together to discern the meaning of Harold!

Artistic support: 20 lei

Tickets and reservations at Arte dell ‘Anima box office – Făinari Street, nr. 17 D.

To reserve a seat in advance, you can call the following numbers: 0733.060.033 / 0733.060.034