My beloved Leonard

iubitul meu leonard - Parteneri

My beloved … Leonard is a show about Leonard Cohen and his fascinating work.

The novelty of the show lies in a reverse chronology debuting with a mature walked through life, Leonard remembering the happy moments, then we have a Leonard in youth, who falls in love, lives with passion every moment and fights for his ideas and finally, we meet with Leonard child, a newborn.

Leonard Cohen’s work is surprising, precisely because of this constant search of the soul by contradictory means, the force is mixed with subtle tenderness, sweetness with bitterness, happiness, sadness …

My beloved … Leonard is a journey, “in the human soul that we invite you to traverse it together.

Cast: Diana Giubernea

Director: Mona Gavrilaş


Călătorie prin Univers – Atelier de creație

Afis univers arte dell`anima

Vrei ceva distractiv, dar și educativ pentru copilul tău ? Ai găsit soluția!

Atelier interactiv în care învățăm despre universul care ne înconjoara  și chiar călătorim ca și astronauți prin el. Vom construi naveta perfectă și ne vom costuma în astronauți pentru a explora stele, planete, nebuloase si galaxii.

După atelier… ne distrăm cu pictură pe față, modelăm baloane și facem multe jocuri și concursuri.

Atelierul este recomandat copiilor cu vârsta între 4 și 14 ani.

Suport artiști: 30 de lei

Rezervări: 0733.060.033/0725.860.483

Câini de Alex Tocilescu


Georg is a 35 years old banker who lives with his two dogs, Bob and Rita, in a small and quiet apartment. Their life is monotonous and predictable, divided in three places the dogs playground, the nearby park and Georg work place- General Bank. All good, until one day when Georg has taken a tough decision that will change his life radically. With the economic crisis he must lay off the employees. Bob and Rita discuss the issue, taking into consideration all the possible alternatives, but morality and fairness of the election is questioned …

Dogs is a bittersweet comedy with an unexpected end that we invite you to discover together.


Rita: Roxana Neagu

Bob: Cristi Constantinescu

Georg Richter: Bogdan Bran

Rita / Elena: Andreea Boşneag

Cristian: Safta Altan-Zecher

directed by Liliana Cîmpeanu

Support artists: 30 lei



Poster totul in doi

Axel Moustache and Monica Anastase are professional actors and improvisers in Improvisneyland troupe, soar in a duo show with classical theater atmosphere.

Three different stories are based on a suggestion from the audience, exploring human nature in various forms.




It is a frothy comedy, set in urban setting.  In the spotlight we have a woman who cannot sleep because of her noisy neighbors.

The situation is absolutely normal or even known by everyone. It’s the same for the woman too: at least normal. Her monologues and struggles, more or less inland, are but the pretext for a comedy in which we find all men and women, with distrust, questions and secret thoughts.

“All my men” analyzes ironically and sometimes seriously, experiences and human emotions, predominantly of women.

Cast: Diana Giubernea

Director: Mona Gavrilaş



Poster Prichindei

Prichindel de Frații Grimm

Este povestea plină de aventuri a unui
băiețel cât degetul de mare care reușește să scape
din mâinile unui circar șiret, ajută la prinderea
unui hoț și dă o lecție unui lup înfometat, toate
cu ajutorul istețimii sale.
Spectacolul este unul în care copiii se recunosc cu
ușurință și îi provoacă să găsească soluții
istețe pentru situații ce par a fi „de nerezolvat”.

Spectacol cu actori și păpuși.

Un spectacol de Mona Toncu

Durata: 40 min
Susținere artiști: 15 lei/copii , 20 lei/ adulți
Rezervări: 0733.060.033


afis nagy2_ cabaretul cuv

The cabaret of the words -They are pure musicality exercises for junior actors – as the full title says, is a show in which all components are good quality. During the 70 minutes the emotion and laughter alternate elegantly, the clever thought is enticed to lead you home, the joy of seeing successful roles is likely to make you clap with all your soul and the simple and smart directorial solutions achieve maximum effect. And if in the beginning was the word, at the end, after this dance of words, they remain a silent smile and a sincere look.

Alina Epingeac


Author: Matei Vişniec

Director: Alexandru Nagy


Ștefan Paul

Ionut Niculae

Octavian Costin

Aida Avieriţei


The ticket price is 30 lei

To reserve a seat in advance, you can call the following numbers: 0733.060.033 / 0733.060.034



Buzunarul cu Paine

The show features two characters, Lord stick (Alexandru Nagy) and Lord Hat (Ștefan Paul), who motivate each other and the audience, in recognition of the fact that most of our actions are absurd, since they fail to disturb the inertia of things more than does a pebble thrown into the water of a fountain. Repeatability intense moments of a being. But other moments when our faith and the engine that make us move are so strong that exceed the limits that we are used to … and this faith in a good changing gets to be given to the audience

How many truths about man can fit in a theater pocket?

The ticket price is 30 lei

To reserve a seat in advance, you can call the following numbers: 0733.060.033 / 0733.060.034


Cursuri actorie

Când ești pus în ipostaza de a vorbi în public începi să transpiri și uiți brusc ce aveai de spus?


Visul tău secret din copilărie a fost să fii actor, dar nu ți s-a oferit ocazia?

Arte dell‘ Anima vine în ajutorul tău oganizând cursuri de actorie și improvizație special pentru Tine.

Înscrie-te în perioada 16 septembrie – 1 octombrie 2015 și vei avea ocazia să lucrezi cu actori profesioniști, iar la final vei avea oportunitatea să joci într-un spectacol pe scena Teatrului Arte dell‘ Anima în fața persoanelor dragi.

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