sylvia - 14 aprilie 2016

The show is a romantic comedy, played for the first time in 1995 on Broadway, in which Sarah Jessica Parker played the main role, who had enormous success in New York!

Sylvia can no longer return to the life she had before meeting Greg. Greg’s career is in freefall because he spends all his time with Sylvia, while Kate, his wife is in a dramatic state.

Greg will even confess to a stranger in the park!

Like most American couples, our couple even go to see a psychologist!

But who will solve this particular marital triangle?


Oana Cârmaciu / Irina Ștefan

Flavius Călin

Theodora Sandu

Ana Maria Ivan

Vlad Bălan

Directed by prof. Alexandru Jitea

Ticket price: 30 lei

e bilete a Teatrului Arte dell’ Anima – 0733.060.033/0733.060.034 sau pe pagina de facebook a Teatrului Arte dell’ Anima.


A theatre show, improvisation and close-up magic “A different Evening” by Andrei Ciopec with Andrei Ciopec, Ovidiu Cosovanu and Elena Albu.